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Industrial Design is our passion.

Great products and designs do not happen by chance. The term Industrial Design was coined

in the early 1920’s to describe the creative role performed by an artisan improving a mass produced product. It is the combination or applied art and applied science.

Idology Design is an innovative Industrial Design Consultancy based in Carmel, IN. We specializes in custom designed Furniture, Lighting and Housewares.  We develop dynamic, disciplined designs.


Idology Design has been awarded numerous design patents.


Our designs celebrate architecture by rebranding architectural influences into everyday products, including lamps, accent tables and furniture.


Design is serious business – Our designs blends elements of modern art, architecture and imagination.


We strive to push a design to the next level, to find a natural evolutionary path without “over designing” the product.

It tracks a path of a good design, to a great design,

to a final form which is an exceptional design.


We like to consider ourselves stewards of exceptional design.  One of the great challenges is reinventing a product from what it was to what it can be.


Our products are created for maximum impact yet with a whimsical side, a personality if you will, to delight and engage the user.


The goal with each design is to create a beautiful, functional work of art that will enhance the user experience and stand the test of time.


We welcome the opportunity to create an inspired product for you.

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